On the property of Allison Creek Presbyterian Church is the Clay Hill Graveyard. This cemetery was used in the 1800s for enslaved and free African Americans. We have renovated this cemetery in the woods and have been blessed to discover some of their stories including the story of Elias Hill. Elias’ mother Dorcas is buried in the cemetery. Elias developed polio at a young age and his body was significantly deformed. However, in 1840 his freedom and the freedom of his mother Dorcas was purchased by his father, believed to be a native African. Elias went on to become a Baptist minister, teacher, and civil rights leader. In 1871, the Ku Klux Klan targeted him but then he testified against the Klansmen in front of a United States congressional committee leading to several convictions. Elias then led a migration of 166 from our area to Arthington, Liberia in Africa. The church now has a relationship with Liberia including the sending of several mission teams and financial support of community development projects. We have arranged for 2 historical markers to be erected on the church property. One marker is the first marker in the state of South Carolina to mention the terrorist activities of the Ku Klux Klan. Below is more in depth information including articles and news reports about this incredible story that impacts us today.

Presentation of Elias Hill

Rev. Sam McGregor shares the history of Elias Hill and provides educational information. You can watch the video below (1 hr long)

Reenacting the stories of Elias Hill, Colonel William Allison, and Dorcas Hill. Colonel Allison is buried in the Allison Creek cemetery and Ms. Hill in the Clay Hill cemetery.

SCETV of Elias Hill, the Ku Klux Klan, Clay Hill Cemetery, ACPC, and the migration to Liberia in 1871

ACPC visit to Arthington, Liberia and the making of historic connections

Federal Troops sent into York County to quell KKK (Slate)


Elias Hill Articles – PDFs